Cottage Home Builders

The quality of your country cottage needs to be as high as it possibly can be. Whilst run down, old style cottages can be seen to have a certain old world charm, in this modern society they are no longer practical. Country Lane Homes are cottage home builders with over a decade of industry experience.

What sets Country Lane Homes apart from the competitors is that both the designing and building process are completed by the one entity. The majority of other country cottage designers are just that: designers. Whilst the validity and beauty of some of their designs can’t be questioned, the execution of the separate building company can often not resemble the original design at all. This disconnect between designer and builder is why some country cottages don’t come out as well as they could.

Country Lane Homes doesn’t face this problem, as the highly skilled design team works in conjunction with the company builders to ensure your customized dream home is a flawless reflection of the original plans. By having the designers and builders working for the same company, the possibilities of poor finishing in the building stage are extremely low with high quality cottage home builders.

The atmosphere in a pristine, well designed country cottage is unrivaled. Whether you choose to live in your country home permanently, or have it as a holiday house or rental property, the beauty and ambiance that they provide cannot be denied. Some people choose to stay at resorts or go camping on their holidays, but the option of a country cottage can be the most personal and romantic one of all.

With various flexible designs and options to suit any environment, Country Lane Homes are the premier cottage home builders in Australia. With an unlimited range of floor plans, we can customize and bring to life any plan or idea that you can think of. With designs such as The Coach House, The Blairgowrie, The Provincial and The Australian Cottage, no matter what your country cottage dream is, it can be created.

The characteristics of a country cottage include high-pitched roofs, old style windows and flowing verandahs. Our team of designers understand that this style of home doesn’t suit every environment, and they help homeowners to create a style and design that will suit their setting perfectly. Whether it’s the open decking of a seaside cottage or the steep roofing of a bush land hideaway, our cottage home builders will create the perfect home for you and your loved ones.