Warburton ACS 149

Project Description

This house in Warburton is a single storey Australian Cottage with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The clients were looking for a home that would capture the beautiful views of Warburton and beyond, to the surrounding hills. The house is being constructed on a very steep block, sitting low at the front and elevated at the rear in order to take full advantage of the scenic views.

One challenge that needed to be faced with this build was the steepness of the block. Although it made way for the creation of a perfectly elevated home, during our preliminary work we discovered that it was in a landslip zone. To overcome this issue we worked in consultation with our engineer and designed the house using full concrete grid footing and steel stumps, allowing us to meet strict building regulations while also keeping to the client’s brief.

The dining area was created in an open plan, with both the kitchen and living areas leading out to a wide verandah that spanned the full length of the house. The owners are sure to be thrilled with their 3-bedroom single storey home, as it will fulfill all their requirements and will be truly a wonderful place to live.

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