Marysville ACS181

Project Description

This house in Marysville is a single storey Australian Cottage with 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The wish list from the clients included Country Lane Home’s Provincial display kitchen with a walk-in pantry, as the client felt it was the perfect kitchen for their new home.

The home was designed in a way that allowed for the Provincial kitchen to be installed as planned and a walk-in pantry to be used as a meal preparation area. A large walk-in linen cupboard was also included in the design so that the owners had an area to store their possessions while the house was being rented, as the property was intended to be a weekend rental.

A large, open dining area was the perfect finishing touch to this home, with box bay windows leading to beautifully shaded verandahs at both the front and rear of the house. Durable fibre cement weatherboards were used for the exterior to provide additional protection while still maintaining the homey feel of this Australian Cottage. The surrounding car space made for easy parking right next to the house.

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