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We are registered custom homebuilders who specialise in period home designs for suburban, rural and costal areas. With over a decade’s experience, our team of skilled designers understand exactly what does and doesn’t work when creating your dream custom home. We understand the need to partake in both the design and building processes and do so accordingly. We ensure there is an efficient flow between the designers and builders, resulting in perfect country homes and cottages.  

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Our highly skilled designers can create any custom home or cottage to suit whatever environment you’re building in. Whether your home will be located in the city or town, by the seaside or in the country, we offer the flexibility to create your dream home. Home specialists can help you generate ideas, offer suggestions and help with the overall plans of your design. With over a decade of industry experience, you can put your trust in Country Lane Homes to create your dream home in any setting.

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Our signature designs include: The Provincial Collection, which features a high, steep-pitched roof and wide verandahs. The Coach House: a loft style home which possesses  contemporary old world charm. The Blairgowrie, which is built in a contemporary style that is suited perfectly to any Australian bush, city or coastal setting. The Australian Cottage, which features traditional Australian lines from Federation and Californian bungalow influences. All of our designs are available at any location.

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We are the one stop shop for all custom home and cottage designs. Whilst most companies will do the design and then outsource the build, at Country Lane Homes we see the project through from start to finish. Our in-house carpenters and experienced sub-contractors are completely in sync with what the designers are trying to achieve. We offer a huge range of country home designs and styles with flexibility for each project undertaken. We understand the charm that a country cottage should display and make sure that your dream home fits perfectly into whatever setting you require. Our designers will meticulously design your custom home to any desired specifications and ensure you 100% satisfaction. 


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